"With regard to the signs that are preceding the second coming of Jesus, most will miss them and a few will overreact. Have you ever had the experience of looking at your watch without really noting what time it was? The world in its intense preoccupation will see some of the signs preceding the second coming without really noticing them." - Neal A. Maxwell, Wherefore Ye Must Press Forward

One of the activities that takes place on this site on a regular basis is speculation and discussions about possible time lines and future events. I believe this is a natural consequence of having a group of like-minded people in a social setting. Discussions about when and how are inevitable, but represent nothing more than the opinions of the various participants in the discussion.

"We do not know and shall not learn either the day or the hour of that dreadful yet blessed day. We are expected to read the signs of the times and know thereby the approximate time of our Lord's return and to be on constant readiness thereof." - Bruce R. McConkie, The Promised Messiah

Of course, we know that the specifics are not important. As I've explained above, the brethren have taught us not to use fear as a motivator for obeying the commandments. It is my personal hope that each person who is a member of our site will understand that our discussions around these topics are meant to serve as a spiritual snack for those who have made it an interest of theirs to study these events. I, and we, certainly don't intend to get caught up in focusing too much on the when and how at the cost of ignoring the more important question, which is, Are we ready? While I believe strongly that helping people understand the specifics of the events may encourage them to prepare a little more thoroughly, I also humbly accept the guidance from the brethren to be careful in the way such speculation and discussions are handled.