Reflecting on the Purpose of this Website

As we all know, the purpose of this website is to act as a resource for saints and like minded people who are preparing for the tumultuous times that will lead up to the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is my personally held belief that the second coming of the Savior is much closer than many people realize and that, as prophesied, we are on the verge of radical changes in our society. We have been commanded many times to look for the signs of His coming and to prepare. ("That ye may be prepared in all things... Behold, I sent you out to testify and warn the people, and it becometh every man who hath been warned to warn his neighbor." - D&C 88:77-81).

I wish to make it perfectly clear that the AVOW website has no place for apostate doctrine, ideas, or teachings. I will take action against any and all that I believe are here to further an agenda that is not in harmony with the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Occasionally, I, or other members of this site, will present information, dreams, or opinions that some will consider fringe, unsubstantiated, scary, or otherwise difficult to understand. Personal speculation and free-spirited discussions about the future are an integral part of a preparedness-themed community. We often talk about the need for the Lord to gather His righteous saints to places of refuge or Cities of Light. We speculate on timelines, sequences of events, and signs of the times on a regular basis. We have free-spirited debates about conspiracy-theories, politics, the economy, and of course, all aspects of both temporal and spiritual preparedness.

"Let me give you a crucial key to help you avoid being deceived. It is this -- learn to keep your eye on the prophet. He is the Lord's mouthpiece and the only man who can speak for the Lord today. Let his inspired counsel take precedence. Let his inspired words be a basis for evaluating the counsel of all lesser authorities. Then live close to the spirit so you may know the truth of all things." - Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p. 134

I wish to say this clearly, and with all the emphasis of which I am capable: this site is not a place where you should learn what the Lord would have you do for yourself or your family. While this site can serve as a very effective catalyst to get you thinking about what the Lord would have you do, in the end such things must be a matter of personal prayer and fasting. Your unique guidance and direction will only come to you through the Lord, by way of the Still Small Voice. The scriptures and the words of the Brethren, combined with promptings and confirmations from the Holy Ghost, must act as your final guide. Any information you find on this site, regardless of how plausible it may appear to you, should be discarded without that personal witness and spiritual confirmation. In the same way, no matter how ridiculous or implausible something may seem to you, it should not be discarded before careful, prayerful consideration. If you choose to proceed forward without that prayerful consideration, then you are doing so at your own risk, relying completely on yourself, and thus the Arm of Flesh, to discern the truthfulness of it.

Neither the owners of this site, the moderators, nor the members claim to be Prophets, Seers, or Revelators for the Church or its membership. It is of deep concern to all of us when we see someone make decisions based on discussions or ideas presented here without first obtaining a sure witness that their actions are acceptable before the Lord. While many will post their own experiences and testimonies, it is up to each of us, individually, to obtain a confirmation of their truthfulness, and of their applicability to us. Many dreams may be perfectly true for the dreamer, but may not apply to the rest of us at all. Considering the subject matter that we are dealing with here and the potentially grave consequences from poor choices, any actions taken based on the dreams, visions or testimonies of other AVOW members without first having obtained that sure witness must be considered dangerous and irresponsible.

Please consider the following parable that Roger K. Young has used in his books.

Once there was a group of people traveling on a long and often difficult road in the wilderness, making their way towards a very special place. They had a map and some instructions on how to use the map to get to their destination, but now the road led upward into the mountains, becoming steeper, rockier and generally more difficult to travel. None of them had ever been on this road before, and there was some confusion about where they were according to the map. Some had even become discouraged because the storms were becoming stronger and more frequent. As they rounded a bend they came to a little spring where a family of fellow travelers were resting and preparing to travel on. Sitting on a nearby rock was one of the family members studying the map. Pausing to refresh themselves, they joined in conversation with the traveler and his family.

After finding out that the man had been sitting for several hours, map in hand, studying the surrounding wilderness, they asked him what his opinion was concerning their exact location according to the map. "Well," said he, "I've never been on this road before either, but I will share with you some of the things that I think I have figured out. I am by no means an expert or a guide, and so I would encourage you to take some time to ponder these things for yourselves." He then took the map and began indicating some of the landmarks on the map, pointing out various mountain peaks, passes, cliffs, rock slides, swamps, forests and other places, while at the same time gesturing at the surrounding countryside. "See this mountain peak on the map," he would say, "I believe that it refers to that very tall mountain over there."

After pointing out a dozen or so landmarks he went on to say, pointing to a spot on the map, "After looking at all of these landmarks, I believe that this spring where we are is right here. If that is correct, then actually we are pretty close to our destination. However, the road from now on becomes very steep, rocky, narrow, and treacherous, with almost no opportunity to obtain food or water until we finish the journey. As you know, the Master has sent some guides out, and for the last little while they have been indicating that we need to start packing some extra water and food in case we get caught in one of the storms. The legend on the map says that as we go on from here, the storms will increase and become very severe making this final part of the journey extremely difficult and dangerous. I would advise that if you haven't already picked up an extra supply of food and water, and made the final preparations for the last part of the journey, that you do so quickly."

"Oh, one last thing," said the traveler as his family began to load up and journey on, "the map says that there will probably be road washouts, bridges damaged or down, flash floods, unmarked quick sands, as well as other dangers up ahead. The Master's guides will be set along the way with directions and instructions on how to avoid or make it through these dangers, and so I would advise you to listen to them and follow their advice very carefully and quickly."

The travelers, weary from the steady climb over rocky ground made slippery from the now almost constant rain, came round a large rock outcropping and noticed a small shelter on the other side. As they headed towards it, they noticed a small group of people, among them the friend they had met earlier, further down the trail. As they drew closer, they realized that the group and their friend were just getting ready to leave, and were in the process of tying themselves together with rope.

Their friend saluted them with a warm greeting and expressed joy that they had arrived to join him and his family, if even for a brief moment. "Rest for a minute while you can, and get ready for what is ahead," he advised them. "The next part of the journey is extremely difficult and treacherous, and the Master has sent one of his Guides to come and show us the way. They alone know the way and are in constant contact with the Master, receiving the information needed to pass through the perils ahead. We have decided that the only way to make it the rest of the way is to rope ourselves to the Guide in order to not get lost in the darkness of the storms and chaos ahead."

"Take heart," their friend continued, "the guide has told us that though the path ahead, over the mountain, will be extremely dangerous and will test the endurance and faith of the best of us, in a relatively short time we will pass through the trials ahead and be in the very lush and beautiful Millennial valley on the other side."

"Unfortunately, the map of this part of the journey is not very clear, hence the need to stay extremely close to the guides. I'll share with you what I think I have learned about the trail ahead, for whatever benefit it might do you, but my understanding is very fragmented and unsure. Again, the only real safety is to follow the Master's Guides, obeying immediately every word of direction and counsel they give as if it were from the Master himself. To do anything less will surely invite disaster."

"I don't know if I will see you again along the trail ahead, but if not, hopefully we will have a great reunion in the valley on the other side." With that, their friend handed over to them a small packet of papers. Then he, his family, and the others all roped together in their group with one of the Guides, slowly trudged off into the rain and darkness...

"And so we now say to all men everywhere, to men of all sects, parties, and denominations, but more particularly to those who believe: Hear ye the words of the watchmen, and be ye ready for that which is soon to be. For there shall be a day, and as the Lord lives, that day is now that the watchmen upon the mount Ephraim shall cry, Arise ye, and let us go up to Zion unto the Lord our God. - (Jer. 31:6.) Go ye, go ye up to Zion; find refuge in one of her stakes, and be ye one with those who are pure in heart." - Bruce R. McConkie (The Millenial Messiah).