#1 - This is a private site and the owner makes the rules in accordance with the guidance he has received from the leaders of our church.

#2 - All members are required to stay within the outlined subject matter. If your discussion is not related to one of our existing topics, please don't post it.

#3 - Bashing of others will not be tolerated. If you disagree with someone's opinion, use the phrase "I respectfully disagree with your opinion" and just agree to disagree. We are all adults and should act accordingly.

#4 - Please do not post any anti-religion, anti-church, anti-Brethren or Prophet bashing materials. Even cleverly disguised anti-church apostate material will not be tolerated. We have seen it often and recognize it for what it is.

#5 - Apostate doctrines should not be discussed, it is simply not something we allow here. One such topic is practice of polygamy. The vast majority of us have heard the arguments of the apostate doctrine and simply refute them.

#6 - This is a private site. The content of the message boards is also private. If you wish to copy any contents of a post or anything else from the site to post on another site or in any public area, please get permission from the author of the content first. All original material not previously copyrighted that is posted on the AVOW Forums becomes the copyrighted property of the AVOW Forums and its owner, Christopher Parrett. Such postings, now copyrighted by AVOW and its owner, Christopher Parrett may be offered for sale by AVOW in printed book form. Unauthorized Review, Use, Disclosure, Distribution, Reposting, Forwarding, Dissemination or other similar activity of Copyrighted AVOW materials is specifically PROHIBITED.

#7 - No Contention. It is our goal NOT to contend with one an other over the issues that are discussed on the forums. Contention drives the spirit away and destroys the ability of members to learn and discuss in an open and free manner.

#8 - No attacks against the site. Please do not engage in any deleterious activities to the AVOW website such as: spamming posts across multiple forums, allowing anyone other than yourself use of your membership account, posting threads/comments that arecontradictory to the spirit and purpose of the forums, slandering other members, etc.

#9 - This website assumes the position that polygamists, apostates and their supporters (within and without the Church) are in error. We also believe the living prophet and Quorum of the Twelve have all of the keys and are the Lord's only authorized servants to declare policies and doctrines for the Church. (End of discussion.)


  1. This website is fully moderated & monitored at all times.
  2. Posts & topics that do not follow above rules will be removed without notice.
  3. Offenders of these simple rules may be temporarily blocked from posting or removed/banned from the site. Consider these boards a specialized gospel guide and informational discussion area. Ideas, thoughts, information concerning the last days and especially preparation ideas are gladly welcomed when discussed calmly with good intentions. Any and all are welcome here as long as the rules above are followed. Lastly, this website is in no way meant to replace gospel doctrine. There are opinions and ideas shared by the many voices on this site and myself. They are meant to be treated as such.