AVOW is more than a simple forum for preparedness, it's a whole community dedicated to preparedness and spiritual insights. You'll find a wide variety of topics being discussed, including camping, home canning, financial preparedness, words of our living prophet, spiritual insights, and much, much more. You'll also find a live chat-room, a variety of private and semi-private special interest-groups, member photo albums, group-buys, and a download section with hundreds of great resources to help in your preparations.

Live chat rooms

AVOW provides several live chat rooms for members to use for discussions ranging from the spiritual to just shooting the breeze. Experts are often brought in to present various "virtual seminars" to the AVOW members. We also have weekly gatherings to discuss a variety of topics. The chat room includes full webcam capabilities and instant private messaging to other members. The AVOW live chat rooms add a whole new level of interaction and learning. All chat room functions and virtual seminars are completely free for AVOW members.

Create your own preparedness blog

A full blogging system is available to all members. Post your thoughts, ideas, and comments to your own private blog. Other members can reply and participate in discussions on your blog posts.

Special Interest Groups

Dozens of special-interest "social-groups" are available for you to join. Choose specific topics that are of interest to you and engage in discussions with like-minded people. You can even create your own social group and invite others to join.

Download Library

Complete access to our download library where members can upload and contribute preparedness related content. You'll find lists, recipes, food storage calculators, books, and family resources. You can share your own resources with others by uploading them here.

Photo Albums

Members can create and share their own photo albums. Upload photos of your latest vacation, food storage ideas, or anything else and share them with everyone or only with those you've invited.

Fully Anonymous Membership

Your online identity is protected. We will never reveal your real name, address, or other contact information to ANYONE.

Private Messaging

Exchange private messages with other members without revealing your email address. You will automatically receive an email notification from the site any time someone on the site sends you a private message.

Content Moderation

Every single post is read and reviewed to ensure compliance with our strict guidelines to keep AVOW free of apostate and questionable material.

Email Alerts

You can configure your AVOW account to send you automaticaly email notifications every time new information is added to your favorite threads, any time you receive private messages, or whenever you receive comments from others. No need to login to the site constantly to check for new information that you'll find interesting - tell AVOW which threads are important and you will always be in the loop when updates occur.