My brothers and sisters, please remember that I am but a fellow traveler on this journey. I hope, quite simply, that this site can act as a tool and an aid in your preparations. I am not privy to information from the Lord that you do not have. I am not a prophet, a seer, or a revelator. I do not have any stewardship or authority over you. I simply interpret what I have been given for myself and occasionally, when prompted, share my conclusions and ideas. We have all been given the same map, the same directions, and the same destination.

As the brethren have taught us many times in the past, all the money and all the preparations in the world will not save you in the events to come unless you are spiritually prepared. Temporal preparedness should be your second priority after your spiritual preparations.

I humbly ask that you do not treat anyone on this website, especially me, as bigger than life, nor should you regard anything I say or do with any special weight. We are all equals before the Lord. I have no special calling or authority over you. The Lord is our Master. His prophets are our guides. The Holy Ghost is our watchman. We are in this together.

May God bless you all in your efforts!

Christopher Parrett