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This manual has been prepared for, and is intended to be read primarily by, the active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Please Note
The contents of this booklet are intended to assist individuals and families in coping with emergency preparations. However, final decisions on preparation for actions taken during an emergency are the sole responsibility of individuals. No one knows your needs or can take care of you better than you can-nor does anyone else have that responsibility. Information and examples contained within this booklet are provided for illustration and advice only. Therefore, no liability is assumed by the Editor or any of the Authors for the use or misuse of any information or products contained in this publication.

This publication has not been endorsed or produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and its contents and the opinions it expresses are those of the Editor and the separate authors. While it should not be construed as an official church publication, effort has been made to ensure that all materials are in accordance with general church guidelines on food storage and family preparedness.


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Table of Contents

4 Note to my Readers
5 Table of Contents
9 Preface
10 Book of Gomer Parable
12 A Sense of Fear and Urgency about Preparing, by Christopher Parrett Section 1: Emergency Preparedness. Why?
16 Getting set for a possible modern day repeat of Haun’s Mill, By Roger K. Young Expert Counsel
23 Normalcy Bias, It’s All in your Head, by Survivalmom
25 Understanding the Normalcy Bias Could Save Your Life, by Confab
26 The Five Principles of Preparedness, Phil Burns
31 Mental & Spiritual Preparations for Survival, by jc
34 How Long until You Starve?, by Mr. Yankee
39 General Preparedness Survey, by Christopher Parrett
42 Five Levels of Preparedness, by Suburbanprep Section 2: Getting Started
44 LDS Church FAMILY HOME STORAGE KITS, by Christopher Parrett
45 Food Storage, by Christopher Parrett
46 BARE-MINIMUM Food Storage Requirements, by Christopher Parrett
48 Our Food Supply is Fragile, by Christopher Parrett
49 Do you Really have a Year’s Supply??, By Christopher Parrett Food Storage Tools & References
50 Basic Food List, by Lynette B. Crockett
53 Long Term Master Food List, by Christopher Parrett
57 One Year Supply Guide, by Dealsonmeals
60 Monthly Food Storage Purchasing Calendar, by Andrea Chapman
64 30 Day Emergency Food Supply, by by Robert Wayne Atkins
70 Real-World One-Year Emergency Food Supply , by by Robert Wayne Atkins
79 The Seven Major Mistakes in Food Storage, By Vickie Tate
81 Common Storage Foods, By Alan T. Hagan Grains & Legumes
82 Grains and Flours, By Alan T. Hagan
90 Legume Varieties, By Alan T. Hagan
92 Availability of Grains & Legumes, By Alan T. Hagan
94 Moisture Content in Grains & Legumes, By Alan T. Hagan
97 Grains Cooking Chart
98 Basic Cooking Instructions for Grains & Legumes, by Zel Allen Sugar, Milkm Fats & Oils
100 Sugar, Honey and Sweeteners, By Alan T. Hagan
104 Dairy Products, By Alan T. Hagan
106 Canned Fluid Milks and Cremes, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, By Alan T. Hagan
109 Infant Formula, By Alan T. Hagan
110 Fats and Oils, By Alan T. Hagan Cooking Essentials
112 Cooking Adjuncts, By Alan T. Hagan Processing & Preservation
115 Storage Life of Dehydrated Food, By Al Durtschi
119 Shelf Life Studies, by by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.
120 Pros & Cons of Freeze-Dried, Dehydrated, MRE, etc, by Skipper Clark
121 MREs, Meal Ready to Eat, By Alan T. Hagan Sprouting
127 Growing and Using Sprouts, by Al Durtschi
129 Survival Seeds, by suburbanprep
130 Seed List Storage
131 Storage Containers, By Alan T. Hagan
140 LDS Church Plastic Buckets for Longer-Term Food
141 LDS Church Pouch Sealer Instructions
144 Oxygen Absorbers, By Alan T. Hagan
146 Moisture Control in Packing and Food Storage, By Alan T. Hagan
151 Spoilage, By Alan T. Hagan
156 Recommended Food Storage Times, By Alan T. Hagan
157 Space Cramp, Where do I Put it all?? by Kim Hicken Section 3: Every Needful Thing
161 Get a Kit, Make a Plan, by Christopher Parrett
162 Building the right Bug Out Kit for you, by Westfalia
165 OK, But what do I prepare for?, by Capt. Dave
166 Survival Priorities” The Rule of Three, by Thesurvivalmom 72 Hour Emergency Kit (Get Out Of Dodge / Bug Out Bag)
169 A High Mobility 72 Hour Kit, by Ward Dorrity
195 Tools for your Vehicle, by Ward Dorrity
197 Get Out Of Dodge / Bug Out Bag checklist, by Chris Parrett
204 The Supply Table: The Master Preparedness List, by Chris Parrett Evacuation
218 The 3rd Wave, Evacuation From A Disaster Location, by ST
219 Bug Out Trigger Criteria, by Mr. Jones
221 Understanding Everyone In the City Will Be a Refugee Post SHTF, by Suburban Communication
223 Communications Family Ready, by Amy Loveless
224 Radio Spectrum, by Brian S
225 LDS Emergency Communications, by Dennis Bartholomew
227 General Radio Primer, by Bidah
231 Basics of Radio Communication, by Brian S
234 Sample Stake Communications Plan, by Brian S.
236 Survival Communications Primer, by Vector Joe
250 Sample Family Emergency Communications Plan, by Brian S. Financial
253 Money, Edited by Christopher Parrett
256 Setting up and Emergency Cash Stash, by RusherJim
257 Debt and Preparedness, by iprepared
259 Get out of debt while you can, by preppingtosurvive Medical
260 Medical Kits for Self-Reliant Families, by Jackie Clay
263 TEOTWAWKI Medical Kits, by Survival and Austere Medicine
272 Seven Antibiotics to Stockpile and Why, by Cynthia J. Koelker, MD
274 Using Expired Medications, by Cynthia J. Koelker, MD Defense
278 Defense, Edited by Christopher Parrett
279 Selecting a Preparedness Battery of Firearms, by Sergeant Heating, Cooking, Lighting
285 Survival Fire Safety, by Mr. F
288 Emergency Heating & Cooking, by Greg Pope
291 Emergency Lighting, by Robert Roskind & Brandon Mansfield
293 Emergency Electrical Lighting, by Robert Roskind & Brandon Mansfield
295 A Short Course on Batteries, by Brandon Mansfield
297 Off Grid Power, by Brian S
299 Electric Generators, By Steve Dunlop Clothing
304 Clothing, Edited by Chris Parrett
305 Warm, Protected and Modest: What to Wear in Difficult Times, by Marilyn
308 Winter Clothes For Preparedness Survival, preparedness1
309 Clothing Checklist By Jessica
310 Washing clothing after TEOTWAWKI, by Kylene Shelter
311 Emergency Shelter, by Larry Bethers Sanitation
312 Emergency Sanitation, by Greg Pope.
313 Emergency Toilets & Garbage Disposal, by Alan T. Hagan
315 Emergency Sanitation – The Scoop on Poop, by Kylene
318 Controlling Odors, by Kylene
319 TEOTWAWKI smells bad, get used to it !!, by Suburban Prep Testing your Preparedness
320 3 Minutes without Breathing, by Mayo Foundation
323 3 Hours without Shelter, by Jon Doran
325 3 Days without Water, Bill Straka
333 Water, by Paxton Turner
345 3 Weeks without Food By Ron Shirtz
347 Surviving in the City, Edited by Christopher Parrett Babies and Small Children
355 Baby Gear for TEOTWAKI, by
359 Getting Children Involved in Preparing, by
360 What Do You Tell the Children?, by
362 Avoiding Fear, by PANDEMICS
364 Facts about Avian Influenza, US Government
368 Preparing for a Pandemic Outbreak (SIRQ) Plan, by Madison Hospital
369 Quarantine, Quarentine, Quarantine
370 Medical Quarantine Protecting Your Family from Infection, by Dr. Cynthia Koelker
372 Basic Pandemic Supply List
373 Isolation Room Setup Terrorist Attack
375 National Security Emergencies, by National Terror Alert
382 What to do if Nuclear Disaster is Imminent, by Ki4U Section 4: PREPAREDNESS OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE
395 TEOTWAWKI, by “Survivinghealthy”
397 The Precepts of My Preparedness Philosophy, by James Rawles
400 On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs, by LTC Dave Frossman
404 100 Emergency Items: That Will Disappear First, by Tess Pennington
407 Some Ground Truth-The “Us” & the “Them” in a Societal Collapse, by RJ
409 Fears of a Prepper, by ST
412 Unprepared: Welcome to the Promissed Land, by Rod E.
417 I Am Your Worst Nightmare, by Dan at “”
421 The Thin Blue Line, by Deputy W.
423 The Overnighters: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You, by Frank C.
425 Why Prepare, when I can take it from the Mormons?, by Rambuff
427 Thoughts on Disaster Survival, post Katrina , By Anonymous
436 A Look Back At Katrina… An Expereinced Prepper Tells All, by Raptor
449 Lessons from Argentina’s economic collapse, By ferfal
469 A First-Hand Account of Long-Term “SHTF” Survival in Bosnia, by Selco
478 Society’s Five Stages of Economic Collapse, by “”
481 EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse, by Tom S
492 MZBs:Are you prepared?, by “”