LDS PREPAREDNESS MANUAL: Ward & Stake Leadership Edition

Dear Brother / Sister:

Thank you for your interest in the Ward & Stake leadership edition of the LDS Preparedness Manual.

This handbook has been prepared solely for evaluation by general and local Church officers who administer the affairs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It should not be duplicated or given to any other person without explicit approval.

Members holding leadership callings at the Ward, Stake, Area or General levels are authorized to request a copy of this edition.  Please note, all such requests will be verified to ensure you have the proper authority to request this restricted edition.

All evaluation copies are presented as Printed-Bound editions ONLY. No Electronic versions of the evaluation copy are available for download.

To request a copy, please contact Brother Christopher Parrett, using the contact button below.

Ward & Stake Leadership Edition


Table of Contents

4 Note to my Readers
5 Table of Contents
9 Preface
10 Book of Gomer Parable
12 A Sense of Fear and Urgency about Preparing, by Christopher Parrett Section 1: Emergency Preparedness. Why?
Church Counsel
16 LDS Church Letters from the First Presidency on Preparedness
19 LDS Church If Ye are Prepared, ye shall not Fear, Pres Hinckley
21 LDS Church Prepare for the Days of Tribulation, by Ezra Taft Benson
24 Getting set for a possible modern day repeat of Haun’s Mill, By Roger K. Young Expert Counsel
31 Normalcy Bias, It’s All in your Head, by Survivalmom
33 Understanding the Normalcy Bias Could Save Your Life, by Confab
34 The Five Principles of Preparedness, Phil Burns
39 Mental Preparations for Survival, by jc
43 How Long until You Starve?, by Mr. Yankee Attention all Emergency Preparedness Reps
47 LDS Church Stake and Ward Emergency Planning Guide
49 General Preparedness Survey, by Christopher Parrett
53 Five Levels of Preparedness, by Suburbanprep Section 2: Getting Started
54 LDS Church FAMILY HOME STORAGE KITS, by Christopher Parrett
55 Food Storage, by Christopher Parrett
56 BARE-MINIMUM Food Storage Requirements, by Christopher Parrett
58 Our Food Supply is Fragile, by Christopher Parrett
59 Do you Really have a Year’s Supply??, By Christopher Parrett Food Storage Tools & References
60 Basic Food List, by Lynette B. Crockett
63 Long Term Master Food List, by Christopher Parrett
67 One Year Supply Guide, by Dealsonmeals
71 Monthly Food Storage Purchasing Calendar, by Andrea Chapman
75 30 Day Emergency Food Supply, by by Robert Wayne Atkins
81 Real-World One-Year Emergency Food Supply , by by Robert Wayne Atkins
90 The Seven Major Mistakes in Food Storage, By Vickie Tate
92 Common Storage Foods, By Alan T. Hagan Grains & Legumes
93 Grains and Flours, By Alan T. Hagan
102 Legume Varieties, By Alan T. Hagan
104 Availability of Grains & Legumes, By Alan T. Hagan
105 Moisture Content in Grains & Legumes, By Alan T. Hagan
108 Grains Cooking Chart
109 Basic Cooking Instructions for Grains & Legumes, by Zel Allen Sugar, Milkm Fats & Oils
111 Sugar, Honey and Sweeteners, By Alan T. Hagan
115 Dairy Products, By Alan T. Hagan
117 Canned Fluid Milks and Cremes, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, By Alan T. Hagan
120 Infant Formula, By Alan T. Hagan
122 Fats and Oils, By Alan T. Hagan Cooking Essentials
123 Cooking Adjuncts, By Alan T. Hagan Processing & Preservation
128 Storage Life of Dehydrated Food, By Al Durtschi
132 Shelf Life Studies, by by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E.
133 Pros & Cons of Freeze-Dried, Dehydrated, MRE, etc, by Skipper Clark
134 MREs, Meal Ready to Eat, By Alan T. Hagan Sprouting
140 Growing and Using Sprouts, by Al Durtschi
142 Seed List
143 Survival Seeds, by suburbanprep Storage
145 Storage Containers, By Alan T. Hagan
154 LDS Church Plastic Buckets for Longer-Term Food
155 LDS Church Pouch Sealer Instructions
158 Oxygen Absorbers, By Alan T. Hagan
160 Moisture Control in Packing and Food Storage, By Alan T. Hagan
165 Spoilage, By Alan T. Hagan
170 Recommended Food Storage Times, By Alan T. Hagan
171 Space Cramp, Where do I Put it all?? by Kim Hicken Section 3: Every Needful Thing
175 Get a Kit, Make a Plan, by Christopher Parrett
176 Building the right Bug Out Kit for you, by Westfalia
179 OK, But what do I prepare for?, by Capt. Dave
179 Survival Priorities” The Rule of Three, by Thesurvivalmom 72 Hour Emergency Kit (Get Out Of Dodge / Bug Out Bag)
182 A High Mobility 72 Hour Kit, by Ward Dorrity
209 Tools for your Vehicle, by Ward Dorrity
211 Get Out Of Dodge / Bug Out Bag checklist, by Chris Parrett
218 The Supply Table: The Master Preparedness List, by Chris Parrett Evacuation
232 The 3rd Wave, Evacuation From A Disaster Location, by ST
233 Bug Out Trigger Criteria, by Mr. Jones
235 Understanding Everyone In the City Will Be a Refugee Post SHTF, by Suburban Communication
238 LDS Church Guidelines for Emergency Communication
239 Communications Family Ready, by Amy Loveless
240 Radio Spectrum, by Brian S
241 LDS Emergency Communications, by Dennis Bartholomew
243 General Radio Primer, by Bidah
247 Basics of Radio Communication, by Brian S
249 Sample Stake Communications Plan, by Brian S.
252 Survival Communications Primer, by Vector Joe
256 Sample Family Emergency Communications Plan, by Brian S. Financial
269 Money, Edited by Christopher Parrett
272 Setting up and Emergency Cash Stash, by RusherJim
273 Debt and Preparedness, by iprepared
275 Get out of debt while you can, by preppingtosurvive Medical
276 Medical Kits for Self-Reliant Families, by Jackie Clay
279 TEOTWAWKI Medical Kits, by Survival and Austere Medicine
288 Seven Antibiotics to Stockpile and Why, by Cynthia J. Koelker, MD
290 Using Expired Medications, by Cynthia J. Koelker, MD Defense
294 LDS Church Prophetic Utterences on Defense
295 Defense, Edited by Christopher Parrett
296 Selecting a Preparedness Battery of Firearms, by Sergeant Heating, Cooking, Lighting
302 Survival Fire Safety, by Mr. F
305 Emergency Heating & Cooking, by Greg Pope
308 Emergency Lighting, by Robert Roskind & Brandon Mansfield
310 Emergency Electrical Lighting, by Robert Roskind & Brandon Mansfield
312 A Short Course on Batteries, by Brandon Mansfield
314 Off Grid Power, by Brian S
316 Electric Generators, By Steve Dunlop Clothing
321 Clothing, Edited by Chris Parrett
325 Warm, Protected and Modest: What to Wear in Difficult Times, by Marilyn
316 Winter Clothes For Preparedness Survival, preparedness1
326 Clothing Checklist By Jessica
327 Washing clothing after TEOTWAWKI, by Kylene Shelter
328 Emergency Shelter, by Larry Bethers Sanitation
330 Emergency Sanitation, by Greg Pope.
331 Emergency Toilets & Garbage Disposal, by Alan T. Hagan
333 Emergency Sanitation – The Scoop on Poop, by Kylene
336 Controlling Odors, by Kylene
337 TEOTWAWKI smells bad, get used to it !!, by Suburban Prep Testing your Preparedness
338 3 Minutes without Breathing, by Mayo Foundation
341 3 Hours without Shelter, by Jon Doran
343 3 Days without Water, Bill Straka
351 Water, by Paxton Turner
363 3 Weeks without Food By Ron Shirtz
365 Surviving in the City, Edited by Christopher Parrett Babies and Small Children
373 Baby Gear for TEOTWAKI, by
377 Getting Children Involved in Preparing, by
378 What Do You Tell the Children?, by
380 Avoiding Fear, by PANDEMICS
382 Facts about Avian Influenza, US Government
386 Preparing for a Pandemic Outbreak (SIRQ) Plan, by Madison Hospital
387 Quarantine, Quarentine, Quarantine
388 Medical Quarantine Protecting Your Family from Infection, by Dr. Cynthia Koelker
390 Basic Pandemic Supply List
391 LDS Church Pandemic Planning – Home & Family Preparedness
393 LDS Church Pandemic Planning – Personal Hygiene
395 LDS Church Pandemic Planning – Personal Protective Equipment
397 LDS Church Pandemic Planning – Social Distancing
399 LDS Church Pandemic Planning – Sheltering in Place
401 LDS Church Pandemic Planning – Infectious Disease Cleanup
403 LDS Church Pandemic Planning – Workplace Preparedness
408 LDS Church Pandemic Planning – Health Care Worker Preparedness
410 Isolation Room Setup Terrorist Attack
412 National Security Emergencies, by National Terror Alert
419 What to do if Nuclear Disaster is Imminent, by Ki4U Church Guidelines Pertaining to Disasters
428 LDS Church Guidelines for Use of Meetinghouses as Emergency Shelters
429 LDS Church Guidelines for Disaster Cleanup – Church Volunteers Fact Sheet
431 LDS Church Guidelines for Ward and Stake Emergency Plans Section 4: PREPAREDNESS OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE
435 TEOTWAWKI, by “Survivinghealthy”
437 The Precepts of My Preparedness Philosophy, by James Rawles
440 On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs, by LTC Dave Frossman
444 100 Emergency Items: That Will Disappear First, by Tess Pennington
447 Some Ground Truth-The “Us” & the “Them” in a Societal Collapse, by RJ
449 Fears of a Prepper, by ST
452 Unprepared: Welcome to the Promissed Land, by Rod E.
578 I Am Your Worst Nightmare, by Dan at “”
461 The Thin Blue Line, by Deputy W.
463 The Overnighters: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You, by Frank C.
465 Why Prepare, when I can take it from the Mormons?, by Rambuff
467 Thoughts on Disaster Survival, post Katrina , By Anonymous
476 A Look Back At Katrina… An Expereinced Prepper Tells All, by Raptor
489 Lessons from Argentina’s economic collapse, By ferfal
509 A First-Hand Account of Long-Term “SHTF” Survival in Bosnia, by Selco
518 Society’s Five Stages of Economic Collapse, by “”
521 EMP, Electromagnetic Pulse, by Tom S
532 MZBs:Are you prepared?, by “”