A few comments on the paid subscription from Christopher:

Some choose to question our policy on charging for a membership to this site. I can certainly understand hesitation on this matter. Anybody charging for gospel- related services should be subject to scrutiny.

Prior to my assuming the role as site owner, all of the content was available for free. Unfortunately, the project was not sustainable. It was losing large amounts of money. This site receives large volumes of traffic. It requires dedicated hardware in high-end internet data centers. It requires on-going maintenance, license fees to pay for software we use, and countless hours of my personal time, and the time of many others, in operations and management. Quite simply, this site would not be sustainable without a subscription service.

It's interesting that some people have such a hard time with the concept of paying for these types of services. The church distributes countless amounts of information, services, and books for money. Examples include The Ensign, Deseret Book, the distribution center, and more. In most cases where actual cost is involved to produce and/or manage the content, the church requires a fee to help cover those costs. Unfortunately, we must do the same.

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