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Cooking & Recipes

Putting your food storage to practical use. All the secrets of cooking with food storage in the real world.

FAQ: Frequenty Asked Questions on this subject.

If your looking for an answer to a "common" question, check here before you start hunting through all of the posts.

Dutch Oven Cooking

Cooking with Dutch Ovens

Alternative Cooking Methods & Recipes

Cooking with Solor Ovens, apple box ovens, rocket stoves, wonderboxes, etc.

Prepared Pantry Recipes

Recipies from the Prepared Pantry Test Kitchen. Every recipe has been fully tested and includes illustrations and photos of the actual end product.

Prepared Pantry Baking Articles

Did you ever wonder why your baking didn’t turn out just right? Or whether you can mix up your pancake batter the night before for super quick breakfast? You will find answers to these questions and many more here

Prepared PantryDownloadable E-Books

Downloadable free books on Cooking and Baking!!
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